Sjaak Lucassen – Helpful and hilarious travel tips

Because motorcycle vacations felt always to short I started to travel. Before I knew it I got bitten by the travel bug. The result was that I spent about 10 years of my live on the road, using rather unusual bikes. I ride sport bikes. The reason is simple. I find it more important to use the right bike for my heart then the right bike for the terrain. During time my travels became more and more extreme. The last one was on the Polar Ice north of Alaska. Next goal is reaching the North Pole with the bike that I am currently building, 'aRctic1'.

Being on the road if learned that you need to be creative. Especially when you have to repair your bike or gear in the middle of nowhere. What we think that does not work in ‘civilised’ countries seems to work if you have too! Looking at a ‘problem’ while throwing the conventional (conservative) thinking away and by seeing it as an challenge rather than an annoying issue, it will bring you at the end not only a good result, but also a great story to tell. I will give several examples that were from great value to me, brought with the usual amount of humour and I hope you will bring in your experiences and stories as well.

Panel discussion – border crossing and paperwork

Do I need a Carnet de Passage for South America? * Where can I apply for my visas? * What is an LOI? * Do I need a second passport? * How do I choose the right borderpost? * How do I deal with corrupt border officials? * Do I need a fixer for bordercrossings?

Border crossing and paperwork, for some those are part of the adventure, for others an administrative nightmare that might already give them a headache. Our panel of experienced travellers will share their best tips with you. After a short introduction this interactive workshop will give you the opportunity to ask every questions you have about paperwork and border crossings topics. We will take away your worries so you can just enjoy the trip!

Roel – Road side tire repairs

Roel left The Netherlands 8 years ago for a motorcycle journey around the world. He rode his Honda Africa Twin through Europe, Asia, Australia and North- and South America. As a low budget traveler, he performed all of his bike maintenance himself and taught his girlfriend how to maintain her own motorcycle, as well.

Roadside tire repair and replacement can, physically, be one of the hardest things to do. Roel shares tips and tricks for both tube and tubeless repairs while on the road, hoping to take one more obstacle away from starting that life changing journey.

Tyre changing workshop

Toine – Offroad riding

Toine van Dijk has many years of experience as a motorcrosser, an enduro champion, a motorcycle technician, a qualified mx trainer, coach and testrider for Dutch Magazines. A true offroad enthusiast who has been giving offroad courses to allroad riders of all levels for some years.

At Discover Overland 2017 Toine gives an interactive workshop in which he covers all aspects of offroad riding techniques. He will focus on riding position, agility, technical tips and lots more. A hands-on workshop for anyone who wants to continue riding when the asphalt stops.

Albert – First Aid for outdoor emergencies

Albert Oosting is a motorcycle enthusiast who discovered the pleasure of riding at an early age. He knows his way around the unpaved roads of Drenthe in Holland. As a professional trainer Albert has been providing First Aid training for several companies and institutions for many years now. Formerly in the military, he has a lot of knowledge about deploying first aid in remote areas where your medical kit is limited and professional help far away. Since the beginning of this year he combines his love for motorbikes with his knowledge as a First Aid trainer at Adventure Shield, where he gives First Aid training of outdoor accidents.

During Discover Overland 2017 Albert provides a workshop! He will tell you what to expect when you are involved in an accident while you’re riding in remote locations. He gives you practical tips and teaches you two important first aid topics. Exercises with which you can limit pain, can prevent an even worse injury and, in some cases, even save lives. With these exercises you will be able to ensure that the victim is able to pursue his way to find professional help. A great workshop you do not want to miss.