Martin Brucker – On the way home (part 2)

From Ushuaia in Argentina up to Dead Horse in Alaska and after crossing to Russia, Mongolia and Central Asia back to Germany -  Part 2 of a ride 6 1/2 years 'on the way home'.

Martin  travelled from 2010 to  2016 around the world on his trusty BMW G650 Xchallenge. He covered more than 255.000km crossing 70 countries "On The Way" home to the Black Forest in Germany.

Martin is back at DO2021 to talk about the second part of his trip From Ushuaia in Argentina, he takes you all the way up through the Americas and Cuba to Dead Horse in Alaska. He tells about the winter in Vancouver, shipping to Russia, the trip through Mongolia and the ride through the Stans back to Germany.

Along the road, Martin had to deal with some obstacles. He dislocated his shoulder, he lost half of a tooth, he had some clutch problems and had to replace his cam chain.

Website: Auf-dem-weg

Facebook : Martin Bruckner

Adventurism – How to come up with Plan D

Overlanding is problem solving every day. Some problems are easy, where to buy food, where to sleep? Others are more difficult. Where to get a fresh stack of dollars, or how do you get across a difficult border? Somehow, we were pretty unlucky on our trip through Africa and I will use some of our adventures as examples of how we got out of some precarious situations. Hold your breath, because it is going to be a bumpy ride!

YouTube: Adventurism