Roel – Road Side Tyre Change

Tire repair and replacement can, physically, be one of the hardest things to do. Roel shares tips and tricks for both tube and tubeless repairs while on the road, hoping to take one more obstacle away from starting that life changing journey.

Roel left the Netherlands for a motorcycle journey around the world. He rode his Honda Africa Twin through Europe, Asia, Australia and North- and South America. As a low budget traveler, he performed all of his bike maintenance himself.

Tyre changing workshop

Jasper – Workshop Keeping Fit

Wondering how you can stay fit while traveling? Our PT Jasper, will share some tips and tricks on how to stay fit and healthy on the road. Aside from some fun exercises which you can do anywhere and any time.

Jasper has some real life stories to share on how important it is to be fit on the road and how it can help you with recovery when things “don’t go as planned”. See you bright and early on Saturday morning!

Thalassa – Workshop Social Media

Why would you want to use social media during your trip? Why wouldn’t you? If you do use it, how do you grow your audience and make yourself attractive to sponsors? And how can social media keep you on the road when you don’t want to have a personal presence out there?

Thalassa (@NoHighways) is a freelance social media manager and will talk about that and more.

Insta: @nohighways
Youtube: No Highways

Victor – Building an Oldtimer Overland Truck

What vehicle would you pick to roam the earth? Victor chose a 1965 Unimog 404 and is converting it to his ultimate overland vehicle. And that is easier said than done, considering it has been apart until the very last bolt!

At Discover Overland 2021 he will tell you why he chose a Unimog, how he bought it, what upgrades he made (like changing from to diesel engine!) and why there is a radioshelter on the back to serve as his home.

Victor will bring this beast of a machine to the camp ground for all of you to visit and inspect!

Lobke – Workshop Bushcamping

Lobke has been roaming the world for 20 years. Living in a camper van, walking with the backpack along the North Sea coast, riding the motorbike to Vladivostok. She always came to the same conclusion: you can sleep anywhere. She prefers to do that in the wilderness! What is better than sleeping under the stars?

And she is sure: you can go bushcamping too! She even wrote a handbook about it, so all adventurous travellers can book  a room in 'Hotel Pachamama' well prepared.

During Discover Overland she shares her tips, stories and anecdotes during a workshop.

Facebook: Ikgawildkamperen

Adventure Shield – Ride Demo by Albert

During Discover Overland 2021 Albert of Adventure Shield will give a workshop while riding his bike and showing and explaining his skills.


Adventure Shield offers tailor-made training for adventurous travellers. Riding skills training, first aid training and combinations thereof during great training weekends. The perfect preparation for your next motorcycle adventure.

The first aid training courses that prepare you for accident situations during outdoor activities. In most cases it is difficult to take a victim to a hospital by own transport. An ambulance, if called up, often takes more time to reach the accident site. The training has been adapted to this. During the training you learn to respond smartly to the opportunities and challenges that the environment, the weather, your clothing and your equipment offer you, in order to help the victim as best as possible.

During the "Prepare for Adventure" training, participants are prepared for an adventurous motorcycle trip. In one weekend you will learn practical solutions for all technical and medical inconveniences you may encounter while travelling and you will receive a full day of driving skills training in challenging terrain. A full weekend with first aid for motorcyclists, training in motorcycle maintenance such as repairing/replacing tires, daily maintenance, troubleshooting and much more.

The one-day driving skills training is given at 3 levels; basic, intermediate and advanced. The training sessions are always challenging, but are given in a casual atmosphere. Together we will look for what you can do with your motorcycle. Due to the well-considered structure of the exercises and the clear explanations and demos, you can probably do more than you expected at the end of the day.

At Adventure Shield you will find the perfect preparation for your adventurous motorcycle trip!