Anje – A traveller’s perspective on car versus motorcycle travelling.

When Anje and Izaäk worked in Western Australia on a four-year work visa they met several motorcycle world travellers and, being bikers themselves, they got inspired. Travelling Australia by bike during their holidays was adventurous and they wanted more. Decisions were made, money saved and preparations started to travel back from Fremante in West Australia (WA), to Goes, The Netherlands.

In February 2014, when the visas were about the expire, they set off on their motorbikes. Three days later, still in WA, Anje got off the bike doing 80km/h on a dirt road and it didn’t work out too well. It asked for a change of plan. "If we can not travel by motorcycle we will go by car". The best thing of changing to a 4x4 was the wonderful opportunity to travel from Thailand into India through Myanmar, an adventure of a lifetime.