Sjaak Lucassen – Helpful and hilarious travel tips

Because motorcycle vacations felt always to short I started to travel. Before I knew it I got bitten by the travel bug. The result was that I spent about 10 years of my live on the road, using rather unusual bikes. I ride sport bikes. The reason is simple. I find it more important to use the right bike for my heart then the right bike for the terrain. During time my travels became more and more extreme. The last one was on the Polar Ice north of Alaska. Next goal is reaching the North Pole with the bike that I am currently building, 'aRctic1'.

Being on the road if learned that you need to be creative. Especially when you have to repair your bike or gear in the middle of nowhere. What we think that does not work in ‘civilised’ countries seems to work if you have too! Looking at a ‘problem’ while throwing the conventional (conservative) thinking away and by seeing it as an challenge rather than an annoying issue, it will bring you at the end not only a good result, but also a great story to tell. I will give several examples that were from great value to me, brought with the usual amount of humour and I hope you will bring in your experiences and stories as well.