Bart en Jess – Motomentals: Follow your own trail!

MotoMentals is all about following your own trail in life, following your heart and guts. It’s finding what drives you and sets your soul on fire. Bart and Jess Lammaing will share their insights about how important it is in life to set your own goals in order to live a life true to yourself. In our modern day Western society it has become easy to live the life that has been written out for you instead of wrestling yourself through prejudices, opinions and commercials. More and more people want to set out to see the world with their own eyes but are being held by their own limits.

Bart and Jess are not just travelers, they are motorcycle maniacs living only to discover the pureness in life. They want to push their limits, not only during travels but in riding, sleeping, discovering and enjoying life each and every day. At the moment they are busy preparing for an around the world ride, their house and workshop for sale whilst updating the equipment and motorcycles for a five year trip. In their presentation they are focusing on how important it is to cross boundaries and overcome your fears in order to live a fulfilling life. A selection of moments, each representing a limit that was pushed in order to prove that anyone can follow their dreams, if you set your mind to it.